We4Me4We – A society of People Professionals

picture1The We4Me4We is a movement driving the cause of creating psychological well being across India.

It is an initiative to get mental health practitioners & promoters together to support the UN Sustainable Development Goals of Promoting mental health and well-being and reducing mortality from non-communicable diseases by one third by 2030 and the National Mental Health Policy, India by making ourselves more resourceful as professional which specialization in Mental Health.

A pioneering initiative in its own right, this movement aims to break the stigma aground Mental Health and create mentally and emotionally healthy institutions and happy workplaces where individuals can flourish & organizations prosper


Membership is open to clinicians, psychologists, change consultants, HR professionals, experts in health-care, founders, start-ups, educational institutes and businesses committed to build scalable and sustainable & resilient people and organizations

Get in touch if you wish to join!


  • Creating awareness on Mental health & Psychological Well-Being
  • Sharing good practices and initiatives taken for promoting psychological Well-Being.
  • Building applications of Psychological Well-being in various settings