Training Programs

trainingPsychera provides training solutions for clients with specific needs relating to potential behavioural risks and performance improvement. We draw upon a unique blend of professional disciplines, combining business and managerial experience with occupational psychology and human resources expertise.

We at Psychera believe in delivering quality Learning & Skill Development solutions that have a direct & measurable impact on client’s key performance indicators

 Few off the shelf training programs are:

Training titles
Learning objective
Psychological Wellbeing Awareness   Learn to identify and minimise the impact of psychological health issues at workplace
Building Resilience Trains on three pillars of resilience: how to recognise their own stresses, how to take practical steps to deal with them, and to be aware of the barriers in implementing a personal resilience plan
Navigating change Support employees through periods of change and transition by providing practical tools and strategies to manage change
Performance Conversations Learn the technique of giving effective feedback during performance conversations
Managing Conflict Develop skills and learn techniques to manage conflict assertively
Survival Skills for Managers Develop skills to manage Individual performance, communicate effectively, encourage and motivate team and handle grievances
Emotional Intelligence Develop capability to recognize own, and other people’s emotions, to discern between different feelings and label them appropriately, to use emotional information to guide thinking and behavior, and to manage and/or adjust emotions to adapt environments or achieve one’s goal(s)
Changing Habits, Changing Lives Changing patters by use of 3Rs – Reminder, Routine and Reward
Emotion Management (Anger/Fear/ Anxiety) The key is to be aware of your emotional response, and understand what might be behind it. An then address it in a healthy manner
Essential Interpersonal Skills Develop your people skills to overcome resistance and engage and motivate people to work with you towards your goals.
Social Compliance Labour laws and other social standards like ISO 26000 and SA 8000