Business Improvement Assessment

We offer organisational diagnostics to evaluate organizational health and psychometric assessments to evaluate individuals with the purpose of gap assessments for business improvement. 

Psychera offers a gamut of general and industry specific psychometric assessment  tools which are linked to individual competencies and are seamlessly integrated into the overarching business vision, talent strategy and critical organizational values as well.  

Organisational Assessment:-

  1.   HR Audit
  2.   Attrition Analysis & Survey
  3.   Social Audit
  4.   Training Need Identification
  5.   Assessment & Development Centers
  6.   Business Excellence Assessment (Based on EFQM MOdel)
  7.   Organisational Diagnostics
  8.   Value & Culture Scan

Individual Assessment:-

  1.   Cognitive Ability Testing
  2.   Personality Assessment
  3.   Inter-Personal Relationship Orientation
  4.   Team Style Assessment
  5.    Role & Industry Fitment Assessment

The process is rigorous but proven and time tested. Assessment & Development Centers for organisations can also be carried out incorporating a wide variety of cognitive ability testing, personality inventories, work simulations, role-plays, in-depth interviews and other psychometric tools.