Organizational Assessment

Organizational Diagnostics

Diagnosis of organizational culture, and structural and operational strengths and weaknesses are fundamental to any successful organizational development intervention. It involves the following steps

Diagnosis → Action Planning → Implementation → Evaluation

HR Audit

Evaluate the effectiveness of human resources function and maps the existing processes based on business maturity model. A comprehensive HR Audit report provides not only key measurements, strengths and areas of enhancement but also points out opportunities that a business or organization can leverage to become an employer of choice and meet its long-range organizational goal

Social Compliance Audit

Review based on statutory requirements of social principles related to labour laws, safety, health, grievance mechanism, disciplinary practices, through site visits, employee interviews, data verification, other audit reports. Also consists of recommendations for remediation. It helps find gaps in the whole social compliance management system for an organisation

Training Need Identification

Develop a systematic understanding of where training is needed, what should be taught, and who will be trained. It involve organizational analysis, task analysis and person analysis (individual developmental needs, competencies + personality factors)

Attrition Analysis

Attrition Analysis includes calculating the attrition based on the tenure and identification of the reason for leaving the job like salary, manager issues, time constraint and any other issues. This intervention is used to reduce turnover and plan engagement