consultingPsychera provides with solutions on organizational approaches, strategies, policies, procedures, and interactions that impact the psychological well being and performance of employees and sustainability of organizations

The team of organizational psychologists with HR professionals & legal compliance advisors study the organization and then design the most appropriate intervention to achieve desired outcomes for both the individual and organisation.

Maximizing Performance (EEP)times-three-feature

Job/Role Analysis & Competency Framework

A comprehensive study and report on the duties, tasks, and/or competencies with behavioural indicators required by the Job/Role. This can be used for selection or appraisal process

Performance Driven Culture

Job Study, Design of KRA, KPI with customization of Appraisal Form, facilitate and coach HOD’s & Managers to conduct performance discussions with live observation & feedback to minimize bias and converting appraisal data into development actions

Team Performance Maximization

Analyze teams at a micro and macro level and assess the composition, synergy of each team member and the organization as a whole. And then design interventions to maximize the team performance. It is targeted at building effective work teams, developing strengths and overcoming challenges in areas such as team culture, practices and behaviour.