Let’s Talk – An Employee Assistance Program

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Let’s Talk Program is an awareness campaign and employee assistance program for the workplace designed to decrease the stigma associated with the topic of mental health and foster a workplace culture that supports emotional health & psychological well-being.

The extension of the program provides confidential short-term counselling and well-being support through our Employee Assistance Program to all employees and, if eligible, immediate family members.

Program Details

The Awareness Campaign is a one/two day session conducted by a team of psychologists through interactive discussions, case studies and role plays.

  • Identify the signs of distress
  • Connect with the person experiencing distress
  • Understand the way forward together
  • Learn strategies to minimise the impact of mental health issues

The Employee Assistance Program  (EAP) will assist individuals to resolve a broad range of work or personal issues before they adversely impact adversely them or cause deterioration in their health and well-being.

Our Employee Assistance Programme further helps provide support, assisting employers, managers, supervisors and team leaders when faced with an employee who has work problems but has not responded to normal supervision, and ensure consistency in the procedures for dealing with employees whose personal problems are affecting their work performance.

We provide effective solutions across a wide range of  issues including:

  •  Stress and coping strategies
  •  Anxiety and depression
  •  Maximising performance
  •  Relationship and marital problems
  •  Children or family member concerns
  •  Conflict and communication
  •  Eldercare issues
  •  Addictions & substance abuse
  •  Work-life alignment


Our Approach:

As an employer, you can purchase the Let’s Talk Awareness program,an  Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) or both.

We are a team of highly professional and qualified psychologists and well being professions to help organizations and people in their well-being goals. Your employees can receive the support they need by phone, online or through face-to-face counselling.