Jumpstart HR

Our Jumpstart HR for Start-ups program specializes in setting up the initial HR policies, procedures & practices that promotes the entrepreneur’s vision & business philosophy, makes organization legally compliant and create an environment for people to feel engaged.

Just enough of what you need when you are starting off!

Unstructured environment & people practices can do more harm than good to any organization. They can foster toxic work environments, create confusion and negatively impact employee morale and retention

Businesses that deliberately develop a strong HR function show that they value employees and their business

Good HR practices help:

 Protect businesses from lawsuits & financial losses by implementing compliance through right policies

 Manage talent better through right hiring & retention strategies

 Fairly compensate employees

 Helps clarify job role & define career paths

 Build engaged and productive workplace culture

 Become employer of choice from the start

We thereafter, also assist in managing backend HR operations as your HR outsourcing partners