People Assessment

We offer assessment services to evaluate organizations and individuals for organizations. Our assessment process is linked to your critical organizational values and individual competencies and seamlessly integrated into your overarching business and talent strategy.  

The process is rigorous yet efficient, incorporating cognitive ability testing, personality inventories, work simulations, role-plays, in-depth interviews and other psychometric tools.

We have certified assessors and psychologists on board to run assessment centers and use international assessments like 16PF, MBTI & FIRO-B and have some internally developed assessment tools as well.

Fit for Work – Talent evaluations for Selection

Identify the right talent at any level of your organization for selection/development purposes. Our solutions range from streamlined screening processes to in-depth evaluations of Personality Test, Cognitive Ability Test, Integrity and fit. It gives Predictability Index

High Potential Identification (HiPo)

Our process utilizes multiple measures to evaluate key elements of potential, such as Personality, Cognitive Ability, Learning ability, Leadership capacity, and Emotional intelligence to meet future known and unknown business needs. It also incorporates the performance data of the employee to assess & identify high potential employees

Manager Blueprint

Identify potential managers/ successors and assess their readiness for increased responsibilities.  Our assessment process provides an in-depth understanding of the personality & current skill set against comprehensive personality factors & 10 key managerial skills with verification & Lie-scale

Sales Skills & Personality Profiling

Our Sales Skills & Personality Profiles (SSaPP) is a tool to gain insight in sales person’s unique profile. It is a comprehensive instrument to profile the individual against 10 key sales skills , personality dimensions and 4 domain areas – communication, interaction, intrapersonal and knowledge domain

Integrity Test

The integrity test measures the foundation of an employee. It measures four key factors of self-control, conscientiousness, dependability and ethics and values. It helps to predict counterproductive behaviours at work and employers sieve out employees based on level of integrity

MindFrames – Personality Assessment tool

MindFrames is a personality test with a difference…not only does it give you valuable insight into 10 personality factors, it also gives you information about how these impact an individual’s performance on the job.

Duration: Approximately 45 minutes

The 10 personality factors profiled include:

  • Adaptability to Change
  • Achievement Orientation
  • Independence
  • Balanced Emotionality
  • Stress Tolerance
  • Orderliness
  • Extraversion
  • Initiative
  • Trust
  • Self esteem
 The test also gives you a multi-dimensional view of the candidate, by telling you more about her or his:
  • Work Orientation Profile: A measure of motivation and goal orientation, planning and meticulousness as well as self-confidence.
  • Locus of Control Profile: Belief in one’s ability to modify the impact of events, and the ability to maintain emotional balance.
  • Coping Profile: Adaptability to change, composure under pressure and the ability to maintain a positive frame of mind in all situations.
  • Trust Profile: Faith in others and their motives as well as self-assurance.
  • Dynamic Leadership Profile: Independent thought, self-sufficiency, ability to be target focused, openness to change and ability to connect to people.

The Test has an inbuilt lie indicator in the form of a verification scale which tells us how truthfully the individual has answered the test items.

Cognitive Test – Aptitude Test

Measures numerical ability, verbal ability, abstract reasoning and nonverbal reasoning