Consulting Services

consultingPsychera provides with solutions on organizational approaches, strategies, policies, procedures, and interactions that impact the psychological well being and performance of employees and sustainability of organizations

The team of organizational psychologists with HR professionals & legal compliance advisors study the organization and then design the most appropriate intervention to achieve desired outcomes for both the individual and organisation.

Increasing Motivationmotywacja-pracownika

Goal Setting and Communicating Expectations & Trust

Identification of personal goals, creating alignment with organizational goals, listing of benefits and obstacles & periodic evaluation. Everyone in organization should also understand what’s expected of them. Theses conversations contributes to an atmosphere of confidence and it’s easier for both employee and manager to discuss concerns and do course correction. Plus it motivates the employees if the manager takes special interest in the individuals career.

Performance Linked Incentive & Benefit system

Review of existing pay practices, study of job role, KRA – KPIs and appraisal process and design of an objective performance linked incentive & benefit system with the policy and the collateral. The employees will also be trained in the new system.

Motivation Analysis & Reward/ Recognition Design

Motivation plays a key role in influencing workplace behaviour and performance. Understanding what motivates an organization’s employees helps structure the incentives/ benefits and work environment to encourage productive behaviours and discourage unproductive behaviours