HR Outsourcing

A specialized division of Psychera also excels in steering and handholding family run businesses and SMEs/MSMEs by restructuring their HR processes and operations on BOM model (Build Operate Manage). These services are majorly focused on managing HR and people issues which in turn would allow the leadership to focus on strategic initiatives and core business.

Some of the identified people challenges in SMEs are:-

  1.   Informal structure and hierarchy
  2.   Lack of policies, processes & systems
  3.   No clarity of roles & responsibilities
  4.   Keeping the team motivated over time
  5.   High employee turnover
  6.   Internal people conflicts
  7.   Misalignment of values
  8.   Mismanagement of employee life cycle
  9.   No focus on People Growth & Succession Plan

Human Resource Outsourcing (HRO) in today’s times is a more sustainable and competitive practice that leverages the expertise of an external subject matter expert and harnesses the internal business potential of the core team-creating flexibility and redundancy in the system at the same time.

We bring a holistic approach to the people domain – one that complements the cultural strengths of organizations while leveraging best practices of their industry peers.