Consulting Services

consultingPsychera provides with solutions on organizational approaches, strategies, policies, procedures, and interactions that impact the psychological well being and performance of employees and sustainability of organizations

The team of organizational psychologists with HR professionals & legal compliance advisors study the organization and then design the most appropriate intervention to achieve desired outcomes for both the individual and organisation.

Employee Life-cycle Management & and Career Progression


Happy starters – Induction Program

Design/Redesign the induction Program for new employees incorporating the following

  • Introduction to Organization, its goals and its values
  • Introduction to Policies, processes and practices
  • Introduction to role and team
  • 30-60-90 day feedback
  • Buddy Program

Career Passport – Progression Planning

Define career progression by positions, titles, or levels within a company. Individual goal setting, Alignment of personal goal with role in the organization, assessment of the required skills and plan development measures in the career path to meet personal and organizational goal

Development Center – Training Need Identification & Preparation of Training Calendar

Develop a systematic understanding of where training is needed, what should be taught, and who will be trained. It involve organizational analysis, task analysis and person analysis (individual developmental needs, competencies + personality factors) based on which training calendar is prepared

Managing Exit/Retirement

  • Design of the exit process with documentation formats
  • Attrition Analysis & Exit Interview
  • Supporting the employees in the transition through simplified processes and systems