Consulting Services

consultingPsychera provides with solutions on organizational approaches, strategies, policies, procedures, and interactions that impact the psychological well being and performance of employees and sustainability of organizations

The team of organizational psychologists with HR professionals & legal compliance advisors study the organization and then design the most appropriate intervention to achieve desired outcomes for both the individual and organisation.

Designing & Refining Policies, Structures, Systems and Processes



Assessment , design and awareness Programs incorporating:

  • Assessment as per Labour laws and other social standards like SA8000 and others
  • Policy, Procedures, and Program Frameworks (in line with current legislative requirements)
  • Formation of committees for implementation
  • Training and development across all levels of the organisation
  • Documentation forms and formats

HR Policy, Structure & Process Design-Redesign

Review, Design/Redesign and Train employees on the following:

  • HR Audit
  • Creation of HR policies and processes as complied with statutory requirements
  • Documentation forms and formats
  • Training and development of HR team
  • Awareness training across all levels of the organisation