Counselling Services

counsellingCounselling Services help explore personal and professional life with a certified counsellor. The counsellor listens and seeks to understand your point of view, drawing from various counselling psychology theories and techniques, to faciliate a process that helps one gain clarity and look at the issue from different perspectives. The counselor helps work towards ones’ goals  by forming a genuine, accepting and collaborative relationship.

Personal Counselling Sessions

These sessions will focus on problems / issues that could be related to either the personal life or the workplace. Depending on the organisation’s needs and desires, a specified number of days / hours per week are slotted for these sessions. Employees can set up appointments with the psychologists. The sessions will be held over Face to Face meeting/ Skype/Telephone.

Career Counselling

Assist in career alignment with personal values success factors and job expectation for the role. Should be done at every stage by understanding life’s priorities, personal aptitude, personality, skills and creating an alignment with the career choice

Managing Performance & Wellness Programme

Helping employees attain work-life balance. mind-body relationship and achieving harmony between the two for enhancing quality of life. Self-Awareness and Self Development, being the key highlight of the intervention

Entrance and Exit Counselling

Helping employees understand the work, work environment and the values of the organization including the planned career path. Support the transition during entrance and exit of employees in the organization.

Pre-Retirement Counselling

Pre-retirement counselling helps employees in successful transition. The program includes financial planning and managing psychological health in changing circumstances and various ways of meaningful engagement after retirement

Behaviour Modification Counselling

These sessions will focus on problematic group behaviours and uses techniques from behaviour economics and psychological theories to understand the reason behind the unproductive behaviour and assist individuals and groups to modify or change the behaviour.It also includes alignment of values for change management

Clinical Assessment & Therapeutic Intervention

Psychological assessment for ‘at risk’ candidates for problems such as: Depression, Anxiety, Adjustment Disorders, Personality Disorders, Substance abuse and other psychological /emotional  problem

Employee Family Welfare Program

Encompasses early intervention Clinical services, Employee Welfare Services, Family Counselling, Career Counselling and Self Development Programs for employees’  families

Customised Programs

Need-based programs as per the specifications of the organization. Example: Addressing certain group behaviour, Change Management and others. Can be applicable to individual and group setting