Happy at Work – Seven Myths – Debunked

Myth# 1:

Happiness is people’s private matter. None of our business.

If you let misery affect your people, it affects your work and others around them. It affects your productivity & ultimately your bottom-line. It is surely everybody’s business.

Myth# 2:

Emotions don’t belong in the workplace. Work is about not being happy but about being serious, professional and getting more results.

Yes it is about being serious, professional, getting more results and BEING HAPPY. You can’t scoop out emotions from people. They carry it along in their decisions and their work. We can deny them but we cant leave them aside. Happiness helps people think about tasks ahead of them. Solve problems more creatively & make better decisions = More results

Myth# 3:

We do everything for our employees. We give them good salary, a lot of training, a beautiful office space, birthday celebrations and they are still not happy. So there is no point doing anything for them!

This is the situation that lot of companies are in. They want their employees to be happy, engaged and motivated and they are doing a lot of things for them. And yet they are not happy. There is no energy, drive or motivation. No, there is nothing wrong with them or what you have been doing but if you spend too much money and energy doing things that don’t work, you forget to do things that matter – that does work. If we know about the science of happiness from the research of positive psychology. We will know what we are doing wrong and how can we change it.

Myth# 4:

To assess happiness we have conducted job satisfaction survey, engagement survey and all the other surveys. The scores seem perfect but my employees still don’t feel happy. Do you have a measure for happiness ?

Job satisfaction is what you think about your job – a rational evaluation of the job, engagement survey is what you think about the working environment, relationship with your manager and blah blah blah. They don’t focus on feelings which is how does your job make you feel? Does it cause positive emotion or negative emotion? You want to measure Happiness. Just ask “How do people feel”!

Myth# 5:

Happiness is subjective. Everybody is different and you cant make everybody happy at work

Obviously everybody is different. But does that mean we stop caring about happiness. It means that we have to treat everybody differently. It might be better to say, “we should treat everybody right than treat them equal”

Myth# 6:

Happiness is about feelings and feelings come & go. You cant be always happy.

Yes, you can’t always FEEL happy but you can BE happy. It is not about taking away all the other emotions from you. It is about how you feel over time than how you feel now. Long-term happiness affects many areas of our lives including our success at work.

Myth# 7:

You cant expect workplaces to be happy. Happiness at work is impossible! You cant do anything here! If you expect to be happy at work then you will be disappointed.

We give 1/3rd of our lives to work. What if we stop expecting it to be happy? What if we stop trying to make this 1/3rd happy. Isn’t it dreadful. The science of happiness believes in HOPE and so do I. So yes, I will keep trying to make workplaces happy and people in these workplaces happy.

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