Psychological diversity – The future solution to inclusiveness!

All ‘inclusive’ conversations focus on advantages organizations can gain from diversity of background, culture & gender. ‘Psychological diversity’ is the idea which is inclusive of all kinds of diversity!

All of us to some extent are differently abled because we are all born different & raised differently. Our ways of thinking, feeling & behaving result from both our inherent machinery and the life experiences that have programmed us. Psychological diverse population brings different perspective to a company’s effort to create or recognize value.

For a research on Gender Inclusiveness, I happened to meet Ms. Aneeta Madhok, MD, Open Spaces Consulting Pvt. Ltd., who drifted my attention to a bigger concern on Inclusiveness. She spoke about how companies wanting to be inclusive are blinded by Group Hysteria of hiring management students from Premier institutes for all the roles in the organization. However, we fail to realize that the selection process in itself is not inclusive. It focuses on cognitive aspects (reason for most MBA’s coming from Engineering background) by ignoring the more important ‘softer aspects’ of people skills! This is a bigger challenge on diversity front for organizations today.

With this thought I started to look for answers in corporate India & found the trend exists, wanting to believe that “Psychological diversity’ probably didn’t make sense but I had faith it did.

And then I met Mr. Mayur Satyavrat, Head L&OD, RBL, who not only believes in inclusiveness but has a team comprising of Anthropologist, Sociologist, Psychologist, Engineers and Management students. I asked him why to which he answered saying he realized ‘psychologically diverse population’ remains a largely untapped talent pool in India. In today’s times when innovation has become crucial for organisations, it calls on companies to add variety to the mix, to add people who see things differently in the same direction.

Yes, psychological diverse population is important & am sure the payoff will be considerable. It is therefore important for organizations to adopt a style of management that emphasizes placing each person in a context that maximizes his or her contribution.

If we accept that a psychological diverse world is a good world we will have made much forward progress in our thinking.

Lets hope the best solution is most likely to come from parts of us we don’t even know, try exploring the possibilities and work towards creating a sustainable inclusive world!



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